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The Cloverleaf Fire Department provides service to an unincorporated area located on the east side of Harris County.

The Department operates from two stations that protect approximately 45,000 residents located within a 12 square mile response district.

The response district contains commercial, educational, industrial, marine, multi-family, and one-family occupancies. The district also contains sections of Interstate 10, the Sam Houston Toll Road, and several railroads.

The Department has a Career Staff consisting of 4 Administrative Staff personnel and 33 Fire Operations personnel. The Department strives to maintain a minimum of level of 9 fire fighters on duty 24 hours-a-day, everyday.

The Department has an Insurance Service Office - Public Protection Classification (PPC) of 4 in all areas of the response district, resulting in lower fire insurance costs to property owners.

An older two square mile part of the Cloverleaf Fire Department's response district contains the third most densely populated area within Harris County (6,637 persons per square mile - 2010 Census).

The Department is operated by Harris County Emergency Services District 12.









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